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Professional Will-Writing Services

Who needs to make a professional Will?

Having a carefully planned Will is one of the most important things you can do to protect your loved ones.

One of the many difficult things about losing a loved one is having to deal with paperwork in the midst of grief. A clear and well-constructed Will can lift a large burden off your family’s shoulders by making your intentions clear, and ensuring that everyone you love gets what they need and deserve.

If you haven’t drawn up your own Will, your estate will be covered by the laws of intestacy – essentially a Will imposed by the law, which can result in your assets being distributed very differently from how you would choose. If you have children, a clearly-written Will is essential to make it clear who you want to take care of them. If you’ve combined your finances with your partner, a well-prepared Will can provide protection for the survivor should one you die.

Whatever your circumstances, to die Intestate (without having made a Will) would leave your loved ones in an uncertain and stressful position. Planning your estate and making a professional Will is one of the most important tasks you are likely to undertake.

Services we offer

  • Estate planning
  • Will writing
  • Advanced directives/Living wills
  • Lasting Power of Attorney